sovereign's equipment Breakdown coverage protects you from the financial consequences of a mechanical or electrical breakdown loss.

Commercial enterprises often overlook the importance of insurance solutions for Machinery and Equipment Breakdown. Today, businesses rely heavily on technology and mechanical equipment more than ever before.

The protection afforded under an Equipment Breakdown policy can be crucial to a company’s ability to recover from a malfunction. Many businesses do not realize they require separate coverage outside of their standard commercial property policy. Without adequate coverage business can be exposed to significant impact on their productivity in the event of a mechanical failure, electrical short circuit or malfunction of communication and computer equipment.


  • Protection for a catastrophic steam boiler explosion. Fortunately these disasters are very rare but they still happen and are excluded causes of loss under your regular property policy.
  • Coverage for Time Element losses, to the extent provided under your Sovereign property policy. Any Business Interruption or Extra Expense coverage provided by your Sovereign policy automatically includes Equipment Breakdown.
  • Inspection service.


Left to right: Tanya Gardecky, Andrea Powell, Nathalie Godbout, Michel Rivard, Natasha Blackbird, Jimmy Tran, Nicholas Lee, Nadia Boev

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Michel Rivard, BBA, FRM
AVP  Equipment Breakdown

Nathalie Godbout
Specialist, Equipment Breakdown

Andrea Powell, FCIP, CRM
Specialist, Equipment Breakdown

Nicholas Lee
Specialist, Equipment Breakdown

Natasha Blackbird
Underwriter, Equipment Breakdown

Nadia Boev, CRM
Underwriter, Equipment Breakdown

Jimmy Tran
Specialist, Equipment Breakdown