Our new IT Product has been specifically developed to provide “one stop shopping” for mid-market information technology businesses.

Sovereign’s Technology and Cyber product aligns with our slogan: “Open minds, Better Solutions”.  Our evolving suite of products includes specific coverage for both technology and non-technology risks. No two risks are the same, whether it is a social media platform, a distributor engaged in online sales, or a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, and we understand that.  We look at each account individually and keep an open mind to different classes as the technology space is constantly changing.  We pride ourselves at being able to offer custom solutions for our clients.

Our team consists of a small, experienced underwriting unit based in our Toronto office with support for our Quebec customers located in Montreal.  For more information, please visit our product pages or contact us.

intellect team

Left to right: Timothy Cheng, Melinda Parker Thompson, Robin Shufelt, Ivan Au, LeeAnn Block, Benoit Marc Dufresne

For more information, contact your local Sovereign representative.

Robin Shufelt
AVP Technology & Cyber

Benoit Marc Dufresne
Team Leader & Underwriting Specialist, Technology & Cyber

Melinda Parker Thompson
Senior Underwriter, Technology & Cyber

Timothy Cheng
Underwriter, Technology & Cyber

LeeAnn Block
Underwriter, Technology & Cyber